Thursday, February 9, 2012


Last week was H A R D and the weekend was not much better.

Monday brought some changes as did Tuesday and today we turned a corner. 

I wish I could say that I used some great tactics but I didn't. 
He did stay closer and I provided a little more for him to do but today he just seemed to decide to stay out of trouble. 
Last week he missed church so this morning he was told that if he made bad choices he would have to go to bible study with me and miss his class- he really wanted to go and he did really well all day long, I was SHOCKED!  Carter even told Rusty at dinner that B didn't not get in trouble today... the bad behavior is noticed by everyone!

he is a handsome little boy:)

Figuring kids out is tricky. 

One question that B can't seem to answer is why.  Like...
 why did you color on the couch, chair, and windows with a marker?
why do you like cookies?
why do you like to ride your 4-wheeler?
why did you touch the computer (that was behind a closed door) for the 10th time today?
why do you like your shoes and dress shirts so much?

It doesn't matter what type of question you ask... if it begins with "why" then you get a blank stare or a shoulder shrug (some of the shrugging goes back to Rwanda, like a shove-off type of response that we dealt with a lot).  "Why" may be too deep or too analytical of a question, I don't know.  I even role play and answer why questions and he still doesn't get it or chooses not to answer.
So, I get frustrated with him when he doesn't answer me at all.
I think I might like a simple "I don't know" once in a while.

So I wanted to share that he has done great today.
We will see how tomorrow goes.

on a lighter and more fun note...
guess who likes pickles, like loves them???

she could not get enough at lunch.  Carter was so happy, he wants everyone to love pickles!

Later I told Hope to smile...

and then I just told her to open her eyes...

all of our kids have always loved to swing, I think all kids do.

these 2 can't seem to get enough these days...

Knowing that I can't do this job as Mommy on my own is comforting in a way, but I do wish that I would find myself running to the Lord more quickly than I do. 
I wish I would grab Benjamin's hands each time he disobeys or makes choices that he knows aren't right and pray with him FIRST instead of raising my voice or redirecting, the redirection can come next with a hug and a kiss.

Right now life is full, it really is a good full- most days. 
I need to post some videos so you all can see how the personalities of #'s 4 and 5 have changed!

I am ordering Grace Based Parenting and hope to get some wisdom out of it... I went to a Parenting with Grace session at my retreat and want to know a little more.  If I want to be given much grace by my Father I need to know how to give it as well (especially in hard places).

End of the randomness:)

Tomorrow the board of tumor doctors will review Sallee's case and make a decision. Pray.

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Courtney said...

i relate to SO much of what you say!

and lincoln can't answer "why" either! and it INSTANTLY gets me mad. cause he just responds with, "eee?" and it makes me CRAZY! i ask it every which way and he just doesn't get it. the blank my goat!

anyways...SO relate to wanting to go to HIM before i react. i am making baby steps. and am trying to remember that it's ok. and not beat myself up about it. just keep looking to Him. rambling...

but thanks! i so appreciate your updates!