Friday, March 2, 2012

homemade peanut butter

random, i know.  someone left a bag of peanuts in the shell in our car from the men's retreat.  so what else would kids do besides say, "let's make peanut butter".  i made sure they did all their school work, shelled the peanuts, had dinner, cleaned up dinner and they were still very persistent.  (i was trying to deter the idea).  so i let them go in the kitchen alone.  they chopped and banged and carried on.  (should have been taking pictures at this point)  rusty stepped in and got the blender out.  they added about a teaspoon of oil and then some honey and out came this...

can you tell who can't wait for his bite? peanut butter is second in line to bananas for this guy!

one happy crew!
We may be making this again.  Rusty has a cousin that is a peanut farmer so we may be making a bigger batch(es) this fall!!

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