Friday, March 2, 2012

fabulous family visit

My cousin, Matt, and his wife, Emma, came to town last weekend for a visit.  They took turns staying here, at my brother's, and my parent's houses.

They are 10 years younger than Rusty and I and have no children, yet.  The kids totally took advantage of them being here.  The kids did NOT STOP TALKING, they were so excited to have them here.  We went glow golfing, mini bowling and out to dinner all in the same day, not to mention the rounds of UNO, capture the flag, Legos, jewelry making and the list goes on.  They were going home tired. 

Sunday we all went to the Greenway to walk and we took a few pictures.

meet Matt and Emma

andrew found this muscle shell and was and still is very proud of it:)

this little guy rocks on his bicycle, going to try no training wheels this weekend!

a new love affair was formed between hope and the slides at the park

Matt and Emma brought very thoughtful gifts for each of us!  They have studied the kids from afar and did an awesome job!  Such a generous couple:)

Emma is from England so we had lots of questions, most of which we have probably asked before!  The kids love her accent and love to learn the differences in the cultures!

We are thankful that they made the long trek from Long Island, NY where they are camp directors of CAMP DEWOLFE!
We hope to go and stay at the camp sometime, the kids would love it!

We love having company.
We love family.
So glad that we still have a close connection!

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