Tuesday, March 6, 2012

part 2 with matt and emma

matt and emma sent of some pictures they took and i wanted to post some of those!

if you visit us, you will be encouraged to ride something motorized:)

i know i have posted pics of this before but the great thing about it is, is that the 2 bikes that make up this machine used to belong to matt and his sister jennifer:)

 glow golf, you would not believe the amount of lint i saw in benjamin's hair under the black light, unbelievable!!

 jewelery time...
first time bowling, he loved it! much more than golf!

 and hope, little hope was up way too late so she was on the floor, in the chairs, running around but happy all the while, thankfully!

 i wanted to post a few more but i couldn't get them turned the right way, oh well!

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