Tuesday, March 13, 2012

i hear joy

I was sitting here checking email and reading a few blogs when I decided to open the windows.  First I hear the birds (spring is here or at least very close), then I hear wind chimes (I love them, they used to be my grandmother's) and then I hear the most cheerful and abundant laughter coming from the 4 oldest kids who are loving their time together outside on this 80 degree day.  I have SO MUCH to truly be THANKFUL for...

my kids
the sun
the gentle breeze
wind chimes
a big back yard
a home
food on the table every meal
running water
a husband who works hard and loves us A LOT

This is by no means a complete list.  But when think of my kids and I allow myself to dwell on them I am thankful for each one, each individual personality and each quality they add to the family.  When I think of birds (they are so vocal today) I think about nature and how much I LOVE to be outside and realize how many things are around me that I love!  I realize that what I enjoy doing is sitting quietly, taking in the sights and sounds and realizing that God made it all!  He created so much for our enjoyment and pleasure, it all has a purpose.  We live such busy lives and push aside the things right before us.  The Lord can be seen everywhere if we take time to notice, I need to practice this "noticing" more often.

As I think about gratitude it reminds me of Lent and I realized I haven't posted anything about Lent.  The fasting part has been hard, I miss coffee the most and realize that I really checked facebook too much!  I realize I am very weak and unable without the Lord.  I have been reading Abide in Christ by Andrew Murray... good stuff.  And also reading through different parts of scripture that our church pick out to read during Lent.  I read a question on a blog a few weeks ago leading up to Lent and this was the question...


It is a question that I have asked myself a lot.
Why the fasting?  How will I allow it to help change me?
I am glad that God's grace abounds.

God is working in me and I hope to allow that to flow out of to others.

And just because I like to include at least one picture in every post, I pulled this out from the old files!

This was at Tim's Ford lake, a full day on the boat and then night fishing with friends!
This young lady (about to be 12) is beautiful inside and out!

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