Wednesday, March 28, 2012

long time no post

Lent has had me away from the computer more and more and with the kids more and more.  It has been good.  We have been trying to be very diligent with school work so that our afternoons are more free.  I have used that time to do fun things with the kids- taking no pictures at all (who knows why).  I have also been getting the house in shape, we thought we might be moving (just a couple of towns over) but it is not going to happen right now.  With the possibility of moving I had been getting the house ready to sell.  We are moving forward with getting the house ready to go on the market but have no plans to do that just yet.  We do want to move, the kids would love some land and animals and the longevity of Aubrey and Hope sharing a room is not likely, they are 10 years apart in age.  The seven of us share 3 bedrooms and is tight but we feel close and l do love our house and yard so we will wait for the right time.

So our lives have been busy.  We have been together with other Rwandan families in our area and the Rwanda couple that lives near here, also known as the Rwandan grandparents to all of our Rwandan children!  We have helped landscape the entire from of my parents house, it will all ripped out last year to correct water getting in the basement.  We have been getting our pool ready for swimming and have planted part of our garden.  We have been mowing like crazy and I am proud to say that this year the kids have taken that task over.  Rusty sold his commerical walk behind mower, got the kids one at the scrap metal place and with the money left over the kids are getting a new trampoline... the springs on the one we have now are coming off one by one.

My favorite season has always been fall but I am loving and appreciating spring more and more, it might just be my favorite over fall now! 

Cater and Andrew have a new love for basketball, not sure where it came from but most free time I hear the ball bouncing.

Benjamin is now sporting a new Mohawk!  I love it, he thought the cut was incomplete but love this attention it is giving him!

Hope.  Oh, having an almost 2 year old in the house again, it has been about 5 years, wow!  If you can't see her, GO FIND HER, she IS into something!  Not maybe into something, she is into something.  And she can throw a fit with the best of them, she has this neat new scream, we just love it- yeah right!  But with all the curiosity and screaming she still wakes up every morning with a smile on her face, she loves life and her new nickname is sunshine!

Aubrey, the girl NEVER ceases to amaze me!  A few weeks ago we were talking about her birthday.  She quickly came to the conclusion that she needed NOTHING for her birthday.  I have given it time to see if she would change her mind but she hasn't, not at all.  Since she needs nothing and since she knows a family that could use help, she has asked that in lieu of birthday gifts she wants to collect food for the Couch family.  As you know Sallee is battling stage 4 cancer and has six children at home.  Her husband is self-employed and has missed and will continue to miss work to be by her side.  So Aubrey is collecting KID FRIENDLY food to take to them... small packages that the kids can get themselves, easy breakfast items, juice boxes/pouches and so on.  She has told several people that this is what she is doing and we already have a box and a bag full.  Next week I will take her and the money we would have spent on her for her birthday and let her pick out what she wants to purchase for them.  She has always been very selfless and I truly love that about her!

So many details have been left out.  I have to tell you that I got on facebook a few nights ago so that I could vote for my friend Caroline in a contest that she is a finalist in.  NO WAY was I going to be legalistic and not log on and vote.  If you want to check it out go HERE... she is SURVIVOR #9.  She is still taking some maintenance treatments for Leukemia BUT she is good and has the chance to win a 2 year lease on a car.  Please take the time and go vote for her, even if you don't know her!  She could really use this car right now!

So there is the update of sorts.  My camera will be back out, I have missed recording lots of great things going on here!

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