Thursday, March 29, 2012

in his element

One of the many things I love about home schooling is the freedom that it brings to learn.  That freedom for Andrew is priceless.  He is a high energy boy who would most likely be diagnosed with ADD or ADHD if he were in public school.  We do a couple of subjects and then he blows off some energy for 10-15 minutes or there are days like today where he leaves first thing in the morning and goes to work with Rusty all day. 

This boy is a HARD WORKER, much harder than any of the other kids, although we see Benjamin heading down the same path.  He was born to work with his hands and excels in math.  After he worked with concrete all day he came home, ate dinner, rode his bike, rode his 4-wheeler and then played basketball.  He is all on if he is awake!

I am thankful that he has the freedom to go, to go and work and do what God created him to do.

Andrew and I went golfing together Tuesday night, stopped by Sonic so he could get a slush and then went grocery shopping, just the two of us.  He hugged (bear hugged) me off and on all night, he is hesitant with hugs now, he is growing up but I want the hugs to continue, always.  I love that crazy and  loud and sometimes obnoxious boy of mine!  I am also thankful that he has a father who can do a job more slowly so he can teach his son and I am thankful that Rusty's dad was the same way with him.  Andrew is so happy and fulfilled after a hard days work.  He recently told me that he felt better picking up sticks than he did playing the Wii, this was at my parents house.  Like I said, he was created to work, work with his hands!

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