Thursday, March 29, 2012

everything outside

Spring means warmer weather and that we have had.  With the warmer weather we have been doing some of our school work outside, we eat every meal outside (love that the dog cleans up after the 3 youngest), and just in general spend a lot of time outside.  Today was no exception.  We were out bright and early for breakfast and stayed out until well after dark, thought we were having company but that didn't happen.  Anyway, I had the camera out today!

Looks like Aubrey will be doing some fund raising in the near future-- more to follow on that soon!

Another good, natural smile from Benjamin!

He picked this pansy for me out of my flower pot!

We had swing time and this little girl can't get enough!

Nor can he... doing the superman fly!

And what a helper, wish Hope appreciated it as much as I did!

And these two, Aubrey and Andrew!
My mom gave them a kite recently and we have had little to no wind.
Tonight the kite flying problem would be solved.
Aubrey and Andrew came up with a plan, they tied the kite to the back of the 4-wheeler and up it went!

 Benjamin was so excited to see it fly.  In one of his favorite books, Curious George flies a kite and he has wait for this moment, skewed it may be, but it flew!

And before Hope went to bed we took a quick ride around the neighborhood.  One was VERY excited and the other was glad to go but really wanted to ride his own bike... sorry buddy, too dark already!

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