Saturday, April 7, 2012


Today she is 12 years old. 
And my brother is 34.

Born nearly 6 weeks early, on this day 12 years ago, was one of the greatest treasures of our lives... Aubrey Anna.

This girl would give you the shirt off of her back if you needed it.  There isn't a pack of gum that she has owned that she has chewed more than 2 pieces of, she is just generous that way.  Aubrey has a tender heart and her compassion for others runs deep, very deep.  Any money acquired by Aubrey, through earning or by gift, from the end of 2009-May 2011 was given to Rusty and I to help get Hope and Benjamin home.  She gets giving sacrificially.  She doesn't have much money (because she is always giving to others) and rarely has a want.  She is content.  She is also human and allows her brother to anger her, one more easily than the other two!  And she might grumble and complain occasionally BUT Aubrey is a blessing in our home.  She was even trying to do dishes on her birthday when she was told she did not have to help!  We love this daughter of ours so much!

Take a peek at Aubrey a few years back...
Always ready to play, hair always up and full of life and smiles.

Aubrey chose to give to the Couch family instead of receiving gifts herself... most family members gave Aubrey money or food items for the Couches AND a gift, funny how that works!  Anyway, Rusty and I did the same.  Aubrey has had a little digital camera for years and it bit the dust and she has struggled with that camera for over a year now so we replaced it for her, got one a little nicer actually.  She did a good job of keeping up with the first one and taking care of it so we knew she would be responsible.

If you celebrate a birthday here, it is typically with family.  Just a day to celebrate your life, cook what you like to eat and do what you want to do (within reason).  We had friend parties when the older three were younger but we have moved away from those now, they occasionally choose one friend (or family) to come over. 

Today we began the day with chocolate chip pancakes, chocolate milk, sausage and lots of fruit!

Aubrey opening her camera...

Aubrey was given 3 envelopes and in each one was one of these cards...
Aubrey got to choose one.  She chose the pink one so off we went, after we cleaned up breakfast dishes and got the fishing poles out.  My brother and his wife just gave Aubrey a new rod and reel:)

We had to make a quick stop by Kroger, Aubrey choose roast beef and cheese sandwiches so she and I hit the deli, grabbed a few more things and then we were on our way.

We had never taken the kids to this particular park so we explored our options and then choose a place to picnic.  Aubrey and I made sandwiches and the others scoped out the fishing places.  We have LOTS of pictures from there so that will wait until tomorrows post, along with several others I am behind on:)

We came home MUCH later than expected but that was good for us, we love being out like that.  As soon as the car was unloaded Rusty and Aubrey headed out AGAIN!  They went shopping for the Couches.  They bill was $5 over what Aubrey had given Rusty to pay with and as soon as they left the register she was pulling out her wallet, she actually had $5 and was going to give it to him, he declined and they went on.  They had 4 stops to make.  We have new pets here (that's another post too) so they bought materials to make a home for these pets!
When they made it back I had dinner ready, Aubrey's choice, Spaghetti Alfredo and salad. I made her a cookie cake the night before and Aubrey and Rusty had stopped for ice cream to go with it!

The tricky candles, they just kept on burning!

Then we let the kids dye eggs.  Hope lasted about 2 minutes before she was dismissed to the bath tub, long day for that little girl. 

Benjamin loved it!  No need for crayons or any decoration, he just loved the color.

When the mess was cleaned up the rest headed for the shower or bath, Benjamin went to bed and the older three watched a movie. 

So now I am tired, very tired but what an awesome day celebrating an awesome girl:)

Yesterday we went to church to the Resurrection Trail and then to my parents to celebrate both Aubrey and my brother's birthdays:)


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beckyheel said...

oh happy birthday, pretty girl. so glad I knew you for most of your "11" and that I'll know you for all of "12" and beyond! <3