Monday, April 9, 2012

the birthday fishing trip

The fishing was fun but only two fish were caught.

This guy couldn't wait to fish, he had seen his brothers do it and now it was his turn.

The first fish of the day.  And he so nonchalantly says, "Hey Mama, I caught a fish".  No yelling or loud talking, I think he was shocked!

Andrew tried all afternoon to catch a fish, he is relentless.

This little girl hung out with her Daddy.

And then when Daddy wasn't looking, this little girl, got into the can of corn we were using for bait!
Just really glad it wasn't the worms or chicken livers, yuck! 

 The kids all found tons of muscle shells, except for Andrew, he just fished.

And finally on our way to pack up our stuff, the last fish was caught. 

Not in a normal way. 

Andrew's hook got hung way out in the river so I cut his line.  As we are walking back he picks up a muscle shell, opens it and sees mud. 

After he began to scrape it out, the smallest catfish I have ever seen emerges from under the mud.


This was one happy boy. 
He called his Papa on the way home to see if his fish could live in his pond (it is a small plastic goldfish pond), so we saved the fish.  It died during the night but we took it to church Easter morning anyway just so Papa could see it. 

We even took it Uncle Kerry and Aunt Gail's house where we did some more fishing after Easter lunch and the egg hunt, but that post is for tomorrow, too late tonight!

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