Tuesday, April 10, 2012

easter day

What a good day for so many reasons.

We went to the late service at church since we were going to lunch at my aunts so we had a slower morning which was nice. 

We have not done Easter baskets for the kids in several years, my mom covers that pretty well.  Instead we buy them a gift, typically something that will help grow them.  This year the older 3 got cds... Aubrey got Britt Nicole, Cater got Third Day and Andrew Toby Mac- each very fitting for their personalities!  Hope got a Boz sing-along dvd and Benjamin a Veggie Tales dvd.  They were excited and we have heard the new music often and very loud at times:)

On Easter Sunday our church does not have Sunday School and the entire family attends the service together which I like, even with all the distractions of a 22 month old.  I had snacks and activities for Hope and Benjamin and they did fine.

The sermon was just what I needed. 
Taken from Matthew 28:1-10
The command is to not be afraid. Period!
What do we normally fear?
  • death
  • judgement
  • people
  • suffering
  • not having enough
  • not being enough
  • not mattering enough
So good for me to hear on the day we celebrate the resurrection of our SAVIOR!

So off to my aunt and uncles we went for lunch, an egg hunt and fishing.  It was the most beautiful day, perfect weather.  I sat by the pond for 2 or hours, caching up with family, so relaxing.

Captured some of the excitement...

the little 4 got a head start on the big kids

the very eager anxious big kids, ready to break down the door

hope got 2 eggs, then she was done

this little dude got it!  i mean when he found out that there was candy involved, the race was on!

 and let the fishing begin...

EVERYONE caught fish!
Papa had a contest.
$1 for the first fish caught.
$1 for the smallest fish
$1 for the largest fish
the kids loved it and fished forever!
 see how nice aunt autumn is to keep up with cooper and hope?
hope thanked her by peeing in her lap, oh yes she did!

the biggest fish was caught after the contest was over.
andrew and jack fished until we packed up to go home.

Andrew was excited after not catching anything with his pole the day before!
I have been asked no less than a dozen times,
The company and fishing were good!

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Kristen said...

As Jack said just before he closed his eyes Sunday night, "Today was the best day of my life!"
Look at A & J gazing at that fish like it was the biggest thing they've ever seen. Love it!
We absolutely must plan a sleepover soon.