Thursday, April 12, 2012

too early

a certain little guy got out of the bed before his body was ready this morning...

he does this from time to time. 
if i am NOT greeted with a big happy GOOD MORNING MAMA, i know he wasn't ready to get up yet.  today that happened. 
lifeless but still walking, more like shuffling.
no words. 
expressionless face.

rusty put him in the living room and a bit later he got off the couch and fell asleep, he likes the floor!? 
 i don't know why, still.

so i did what any good mom would do... covered him up. 
it is cold in our house this morning.

can you see how his eyes are partially open? 
this used to really freak me me out a bit... when i would check on him before i went to bed, it still can sometimes.  they are not open as wide as usual here. 
 he is snoring, in a deep deep sleep on the floor.
hope he wakes up, for the second time, happy!
I read THIS about community this morning, loved it.  A great reminder for me, a homebody! I do love community but can often forget the great benefits!

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