Monday, April 23, 2012


My parents took us on a two night trip to Gatlinburg this weekend.

Restful and fun.

Rusty and I even had dinner ALONE one night!

It was NOT warm but the pool was heated.

Can you say ready for the water or what?
(I should have had the video camera out when he tried to get out of the pool in the flippers)

Hope and Benjamin did not miss a beat from last summer.
They jumped right in, heads under water.
I am amazed at how much they love the water!

Friday night we all ate together.

Saturday consisted of fishing picnicking and some other fun!

Carter and Rusty missed the memo about it being cold!

These two adventurous ones took their lunch out to the rocks!

Aubrey was fearful of getting out that far but she conquered it (finally)!  I hope she continues to face her fears one at time!

You could say that this one (Andrew) was in heaven!

We had no doubt that Andrew would be the first one wet.  Since there was already a whole in the knee, Rusty just cut the wet part off!  He still ended up even wetter!

It is obvious from the picture that Rusty is fishing.
The reason I took this picture is because he was not fishing for fish, but for his sunglasses that got knocked off his shirt (where they were hanging) and into the rapids. 
He bought the glasses the day before and I just told him that he never should have spent $20 because he ALWAYS looses his glasses... usually not that fast!
We got a good laugh!

Benjamin cried when we packed up the car, but it wasn't for long.

For a 2-3 day trip I did not take many pictures, none of my parents!
Oh well, maybe next time!

Today we are back in the swing of school, laundry and cleaning up!

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