Friday, April 27, 2012

spotlight on the kids

This little one loves life... to the FULLEST!
She misses nothing and wants to be excluded from nothing!

A few weeks ago we had a major regression with using the bathroom.  For 2 straight weeks it was accident after accident after accident.  Before that she might have an accident every 2-3 weeks, maybe.  She wanted to be held like a baby and wanted to be closer than ever before.  Bitter sweet you could say.  Anyway, only 1 accident this week, thank the LORD!  And the closeness is still there.  Perhaps Hope reverted to an infancy stage for a moment, who knows!  I am amazed at how fast she is growing up!

My hard worker.
He is outside every chance he gets.  He took a standardized test for the first time the past 2 days and handled it better than I thought he would! He has a birthday right around the corner!
Andrew sat outside in the jogger stroller taking picures of birds on the feeder.  I haven't down loaded them yet so I may have a bird post up soon!

Benjamin went to his first play last night.  Some of the kids friends were in Wizard of Oz.  He LOVED it!  He didn't quite get what they were doing but he stayed focued for over 2 hours!
Since last summer, Benjamin has learned to not be afraid of caterpillars, inch worms, red worms and lots of other insects. 
This boy never meets a stranger and is quick to introduce you to everyone that is with him.

Example converstaion with the waitress...
Hey, Hey!  What's your name?
My name is Benjamin.
This is my daddy, Rusty.
This is my mama, mama.
The is my papa.
This is Grammy.
This is my brother, Carter.
This is my brother, Andrew.
This is my sister, Hope.
And this is my sister, Aubrey.
Do you want to come to my house and watch me ride with no training wheels?
I am tired just typing it, not sure how the sweet waitress felt!

Carter is still building with Legos and Mindstorms.  He loves oragami and amazes me on the piano!
A critical thinker who analyzes everthing!

And last but not least, Aubrey!
She is preparing to go on a local missions trip this summer, serving some ministries in Williamson county.
She will be raising some money soon. 
Hope to have a post up this weekend on her endeavor to earn her money! 
She has a servants heart for sure.
She has started babysitting for Hope and Benjamin on Monday afternoons while I take Carter to piano about 5 minutes from our house.  This week I even went grocery shopping after the lesson and she did great!  She is turning into a beautiful young lady!
Continue to pray for Sallee.  She is feeling pretty sickly these days.  Yesterday was her last treament of chemo for now.  Scans will be done next week to see what is happening with the tumors. 
Praying they can't find anything in there!

Also, please pray for our friend, Bridgett.
Recenlty diagnosed with breast cancer, started treatments immediately and the Dr.s hope to due surgery in the fall.  Bridgett was Aubrey's teacher on Wednesday nights lsat year AND she is one of the backbones of Room In the Inn, our homeless ministry at church.  Her children are in college and she lives alone.

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