Saturday, April 28, 2012

what flavor are you?

I was putting Benjamin down for his nap a few days ago and we had time to talk and be silly for a bit that day. I pretended to "eat" his face and neck and told him he tasted so sweet.  He asked, sweet like what? I told him chocolate (what else would I say?)!  He told me to hold on and he grabbed my arm and "ate" it and told me I tasted like banilla (yes, vanilla)!  He then told me I was white and he was black-brown... it is the first time he has ever mentioned skin color.  He was very nonchalant and we moved right on after we talked about how beautiful we both are!

This boy has added a whole new dynamic here and it is amazing most of the time (a little crazy and frustrating at other times)!  Love him so much!

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