Tuesday, May 22, 2012

a certain little girl is now 2

On May 18th our little Hope turned 2!
On May 19th we celebrated her life, her birthday.  We were thankful to celebrate with my parents, Rusty's mom, my brother and his family, one of Rusty's brothers and his family and 2 other families that we have been friends with for a long time!
It was Hope's 2nd birthday but the first we really celebrated together!

This little (like the size of my thumbprint) picture was stapled to a medical file that we were given. 

 This picture was taken at the orphanage at some point...

The day we met our sweet little girl...

My favorite picture taken at Home of Hope by Becky...

Hope on her first birthday, the day we passed court!
Gotta love the outfit!

Hope at about 18 months old...

AND our big 2 year old daughter...

Gift opening was a hit and gave her all the more reason to use the word MINE!

Not real sure about all these people surrounding me and singing even though my favorite song is, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Hope blew the candle out in 1 try, only after all the kids were saying BLOW OUT THE CANDLE HOPE!!!

And it took 0.1 seconds to dive in when given the go-ahead!  She loves sugar!

 It was a fun birthday.  It was a reminder of the fatherless children still out there not knowing or understanding what a birthday is.  A reminder that if we had not said yes we would have missed out on this precious little girl who truly lights up our lives.  We are blessed and are thankful for the privilege to parent this spunky little girl who is full of personality.  If you meet her, you WILL fall in love with her!


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