Sunday, May 27, 2012

field day

last week we went to field day with some friends in hendersonville.
they too have adopted from rwanda and after getting together just one time our kids made an instant connection.  we were glad to go be a part of their home school group!

the activities were supposed to be for 5 years old and up but B got to participate since another child did not show up.  he was very excited after being told he was only going to get to watch!  he sucked his cheeks in across the field and back, he really wanted to do good! concentrating hard.

this was a short bat for aubrey, she took a few spills.

this was the cheering section!  and the snacking section!

andrew was the first one in line EVERYTIME in his group.

if you know carter you might not think he is competitive but he loves to win!  and takes games very seriously!

It was a great change of pace for us this Monday morning and afternoon!

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