Wednesday, June 27, 2012

always catching up

It seems to be the story of my life!

Busy STILL trying to get the house on the market, probably 4 weeks out from that.  Ideally it should be in now!

The oldest 4 are at VBS this week.  Benjamin is doing great for those 3 hours there each morning.  He has his friend Gavin in his class so it makes it easier, much easier!  Hope.  Well, thats another story.  She HATES being home "alone"  she asks for her siblings the entire time and is whiny and clingy!

It is HOT and DRY here.  We have been without rain for so long now.  Everything is brown and dying, even tress and bushes that have never had a problem.

The kids are in the pool, nap time/reading time is 2pm today!

We have church tonight.  They have an awesome summer family program.  Our kids LOVE IT!  Tonight is simple dish dinner, learning about simple foods, where they come from and incorporating 3rd world countries.

We made sushi rolls for the 3rd time, our best yet!

Swimming with freinds tomorrow after VBS, so looking forward to time with a friend.

Who knows what else has gone on, its all a blur!

OH, we did have dinner at William and Ebralie's house (the couple here from Rwanda) and we got to meet 2 more of their children.  I did not take the camera and we even learned how to make Samosas!  AND I may be going to Rwanda with Ebralie and some other women next summer... the thought excites me greatly!

Here are a few pictures...

no pic on andrew, oh well, next time!
Hopefully I will have my camera out more the rest of the summer!

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Courtney said...

we're having the same kind of week! vbs. lincoln is doing great. levi HATES being alone with me! i feel your pain!