Wednesday, June 20, 2012

father's day and a bit more

This is the last of the bad camera phone pictures!!!

I don't have any pictures but we ALL went to the airport to pick her up form her 10:30pm flight... may pay for that with the little 2 today BUT it was worth it, she was so surprised!

While she was away we did take a few pictures...

our little fish #'s 4 and 5!

everyone takes a break from swimming with a  cucumber out of the garden (yeah, right)! they were hungry!

for father's day carter wanted to a make a 5lb hamburger (it was actually 4lbs)...

 we ended up eating less than half of the burger:)  we celebrated on saturday because we wanted to surprise my parents with a few things when they got home from their trip so we spent the day over there on sunday after church...

the boys built my dad a foot bridge for his backyard, he has a spring and ditch they stay wet most of the year..

 why not take a ride and make it fun??!!

rusty also made shutters for their house, they had a lot of painting done inside and outside of their home...

the kids had fun , we were all exhausted.

stay tuned for an update on aubrey's trip, she took pictures!

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