Tuesday, June 12, 2012

off to a busy start

summer that is.

it began with our trip to DC.

we have been to see my grandmother and some great aunts and a cousin in west tn, they all met hope and benjamin for the first time (except my grandmother)... that was fun!

now aubrey is in canada with my parents for 10 days (they have my camera).

this past weekend we went to georgia to celebrate my dear friends wedding (no camera... hope was even on the dance floor at 9:30 at night, pictures were taken, just hope to get some copies).  anyway, after beating a 10% survival rate battling Lukemia, this girl and her family THREW a party.  from the rehearsal dinner to the wedding reception- this new marriage and precious life of my friend, caroline were celebrated in a huge way.  i reconnected with friends i had not seen in 5+ years, it was all so good, even having 4 of our kids with us, it was so good!

benjamin experienced the library today... it was a huge hit!  he has prayed twice now hoping to go back to the library.
took this with my dumb phone (call it that since I don't have a smart phone)

we have made homemade ice cream a few times (peach tonight since aubrey was not here)
waiting -not so- patiently here

we have enjoyed games of badminton
the underwear thing... he couldn't find his bathing suit so I had him strip down to his undies so he could play in the water.  2 inches of water in the baby pool on the patio is the BEST babysitter while I prepare dinner!

we have friends scheduled to come for cookouts and others to spend the night.

still plugging away at getting the house ready to put on the market, have NO idea where we will go if it sells.  we have been sharing 1 shower for 2 months now, should have the other back by this weekend!

aubrey has seen grizzly bears in canada and there is snow on the ground, can't wait to hear all of her stories!

the kids started the summer reading program at the library and you would not believe how much they have read today, what a little motivation will do!

the older 2 boys are going to do a triathlon at the end of august, this will be fun and interesting! let the training begin!

guess that is all for now!

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