Wednesday, July 25, 2012

pausing for a moment

We are putting our house on the market in 2 days.  Life here has been a bit sleepless and crazy but none of that matters right now, just defines my absence from blogging.

I want to take a minute to ask you all to continue to pray for Sallee.  The results from her MRI last week were not what we had hoped and prayed for.  Surgery on the liver is now not an option and they are talking with the Dr.s about quality of life for Sallee.  She has begun a 4 week break from chemo.  My dad stays in close touch with Sallee's husband, Monte, and during a recent phone call Monte expressed his desire to get Sallee the beach (one of her favorite things) so my dad is going to make that happen and here is an email he sent out...

Brothers and Sisters, 
I know many of you have followed the battle-with-cancer journey that Sallee has been on for more than a year.  She and Montie and the kids are fighting the good fight but the most recent MRI results were not what we had hoped.  The doc has given her 4 weeks off the tough chemo treatments to let her body re-coop before deciding the next step.  I spoke with Montie on the way home this afternoon and he told me she is doing okay with some days better than others.  He also told me he would love to get her away to the beach for a week but with the condition that he needed to pay some bills in advance.  He was in no way asking for anything but I know they are feeling some financial burden these days with medical bills and his lack of work when he has to take her for treatments.  I asked him how much it would take to take care of the bills so they can simply plan a trip.  The answer was about $1200.  I took a step of faith and told him I would take care of the bills if he would start planning the trip. They have a place in Florida to stay so that is not a need.  He needs to pay bills so he is not worried about that while they are gone.  

I know many of you have already given to the Couches by providing meals, Kroger cards and in other ways.  Please, no one should feel obligated in any way to give again and there should be no guilt in not giving.  If you are in a place financially that you can contribute and the Lord has put this on your heart you can send cash or check to me and I will forward to them or you can send it directly to them at this address:

(I am leaving this out for obvious reasons)

Thank you all for your tender and caring hearts,  Please forward this to others not on the "to" list.

Pray that the money is raised for this trip and pray that the Lord would continue to work in their lives in mighty ways.  The twins graduated from high school this spring and they will both be attending a local community college in order to be at home to help, it is a must at this point.  We see Montie at church each week with the youngest 3-4 kids and each time I see them I pray that their hearts and minds are being protected from anxiety and fear and that peace and joy would be replaced with anything that is not from the Lord.  This family needs a miracle.  I can't imagine not being able to serve my husband and children when the desire to do so is so strong, a desire given from the Lord.  

My heart aches for this family.  Thankfully we serve a might God who can save each one of us!

Thanks in advance for praying for the Couch family.  It is stories like these that tend to keep life in perspective for me.  I do plan to do an update on our family this weekend. -e


Juanita said...
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Juanita said...

Thank you for the update--although I wish it was with better news. I think of her often and now know how better to pray for her. You're right this certainly does put things in perspective.

(I had to remove my previous comment due to too many mistakes--I need to proof before I post).