Monday, July 30, 2012

good news

Looks like the money is raised for the Couch family to take a vacation!!!  Sallee is still not feeling very well, this is due to some of the meds she is on.  So, keep on praying, they are supposed to leave for the beach in 1 week.  This family needs this vacation.  Pray Sallee feels well enough to enjoy this trip and that it would be a blessed time for their family to be together.

Catching up...
Our house is now on the market, finally.  Getting it ready to sell has sucked up so much of our time in the past 2 months, so much.  Rusty is exhausted and we are so thankful to be going to his moms at the end of this week for some much need rest and fun time with the kids and her.  The kids and I have still had some fun... swimming at our friends farm, carnival at church, $2 movie popcorn and a drink and some fun things here.  Rusty and worked his hind end off from early in the morning until early the next morning, he did throw a little sleep in their each day.

When are we starting school?  Who knows at this point. We will evaluate that next week.

We enjoyed a visit from my aunt and a long time family friend from Pennsylvania.  They stayed at my parents but we visited with them a couple of times.

Benjamin is swimming now, no float, no help, just doing it all by himself... he is proud!

Hope is a MESS!  I think we have our hands full for the next several years:)

Rusty's brother's family came for the day yesterday and we celebrated Alli's 5th birthday!  It was so good to see them and catch up.  They have been busy at camp and we have been busy here so this was the first time we got to spend some time together since May (that is long for us)!

So much has happened this summer, so much of which I did not write down to remember.  Here are some pictures of our most recent fun...

oh, hope, you keep us laughing:)

andrew, totally in his element... our 4-wheelers are at my parents now!
 my dads poor yard.

yummy candy from aunt margie!

the fearless little girl:0

carter doing a flip off of the diving board...

floating and bossing someone around...

my water bug...

always entertaining someone!

andrew never seems to do things the "normal" way... just his way!

benjamin doing his "dive"...


cooper going down the water slide at the carnival church...

hope, head first, crazy and still as fearless as ever!

 first time to see a dunking booth, that was cool!

andrew found these mushrooms and asked me to take a picture...

swimming at cooper's gramma's house, had to have a break and watch the wiggles:)

yesterday we had a fun day with cousins celebrating alli's birthday! :)

we love you sweet allison reese!

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