Thursday, August 16, 2012

god's ways never cease to amaze us

I am not certain if I ever posted on here that we were being audited by the IRS... all to do with the adoption.

Anyway, we really needed the return to purchase our next house.  We received a letter a while back saying we should see the money around Sept 18th if all was well.  Then Wednesday (the day we signed our final contract) we received a letter stating that the date had been moved to Oct. 6th.  We were sad but not discouraged.  

Rusty checked our account balance this afternoon as we were discussing the money and low and behold... IT WAS THERE!  The entire amount.  God is so good.  Why do we ever doubt Him when we know He has opened doors for us?!!  

Just wanted to give God the glory for laying a smooth path for our move!