Tuesday, August 21, 2012

what's your problem

A couple of nights ago at the dinner table Rusty asked the kids what they were most excited about and the thing they were most about sad about with our upcoming move.  Benjamin did not really get it but he loved asking everyone, "what's your problem".  We all laughed and enjoyed hearing from everyone.  Excitement stirred with talk of not sharing a bedroom, hunting and riding 4-wheelers, the possibility of animals and so on.  There was not much sadness from the kids but Rusty and I know we are leaving 8+ years of memories of raising these kiddos here!  Glad we have pictures, videos and stories to carry on those memories.

We made the decision to take the playset apart.  Benjamin and Hope will have a little play house and we will set up swings in another area of the yard.  In the process of taking it down (sawing off the legs a little at a time) part of it fell on two of my toes and they are currently not feeling or working very well, at all.  It was one of those injuries that brought tears and that is unusual for me.  I will spare you any pictures of the injury (I didn't actually take any).

We had a home visit from our (new) social worker last night (yes, in the middle of the chaos).  Apparently TN requires a 3 and 6 month post placement  visit and we missed BOTH! So we went for the 16 month one instead.  Great visit and glad to have met this sweet lady:)

I periodically show Benjamin pictures of the orphanages that he stayed in.  He always remembers NOTHING and NO ONE (or acts that way anyhow) but this time when he saw the picture of the slide he stopped and said, in a laughing voice... "when it rains we went down the slide real fast and hit our bottoms on the ground".  Who knows if this is true but he said it nonetheless. 

I can now count on one hand how many more days we will be in this house!

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