Thursday, August 23, 2012

oh the stuff

This move is much different than the last.  
We have been here for 8 years.
We have 3 more children (a guinea pig and a rabbit).
We have a shop full of stuff (2 very full loads have gone to the landfill)!

Some things are just not easy to move.
A tractor that doesn't run.
Thankful for our friend Randal who called and came at just the right time.  They pushed, they winched, we hooked to my car to it and then finally had to get the neighbors 4-wheel drive over to pull the tractor onto the trailer.  Our neighbor has showed up "at just the right time" twice now during our move.  We will miss him.  He has always been a great neighbor.  Just last summer when Benjamin wondered out the front door and into this guys yard he gently and graciously brought him back with no judgement, just a simple, "I think I found someone that belongs to you"!  And Randal, he probably thought he would be here for an hour and I think it was more like 4, not an easy 4 either, it was 7pm-11pm!  

Anyway, the heavy stuff is loaded (besides our 1800's piano that weighs about 1/2 ton... no joking)!  We still don't have a plan to move it yet!

We have 2 storage units and 5 trailers full of stuff to move.  

Another "fun" take down...

This was the evening I hurt my toes which are getting better.
Still not sure if one is not broken.  

This picture is WAY out of focus but I had to post it.
The kid you don't recognize is Dawson, our neighbor.
Benjamin affectionately calls him.... Dolphin!  Yes, Dolphin.
And Hope calls him Awesome.
We can say D-A-W-S-O-N and each they respectively reply with Dolphin and Awesome!  Actually pretty funny (Dawson thinks so too)!

We are here a few more days.
We close tomorrow.
We move out of here and in with my brother, his wife and son on Sunday.
Andrew has his first Triathlon Saturday and Benjamin his first soccer game.
We have a Labor Day camping trip planned with friends from GA!
And then we look forward to moving into our new place on September 9th!

Life here is an adventure.

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Kristen said...

Seeing the playset loaded and on the move makes me so sad. Oh, the fun our kiddos have had in that backyard. But I'm excited at the same time for all of the fun they will have on the Rutledge Farm!