Wednesday, August 15, 2012

we love the water

I went away Friday night with some girlfriends.
It was what I needed.
I kayaked for the first time and loved, we may have to get some!

Saturday afternoon we went to the lake with our good friends.
All the kids love the water, really love it!
They swam Saturday and on Sunday we played out on the boat and Seadoo.
We had to leave early to go see a house that went on the market.
We are countering back and forth, a lot!
Hope to post that we have a home soon, we'll see!

While we were in MS we went to a few water holes in the river.

I have lost my camera charger, like in May sometime.  So I have used Aubrey's camera and hope to order a charger for my Cannon soon, I miss having it!

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