Wednesday, September 26, 2012

yesterday's hike

After school in the morning and lunch and noon we needed to get outside.  The kids have been wanting to take me to what they call the canyon (a place they have found on our property).  We also went to the cave and pond.  

the "canyon"

he thinks the canyon is cool, walking through the underbrush in the woods... not so much:)

the "cave"

remember our playset???

now it is a playhouse for hope and ben!

this is one of three of our ponds...
 they all leak (two more than the other one) so we have some work to do.  they are all close together so we hope to make one big pond.. huge project!  andrew is ready to buy fish and stock it, he also wants ducks!

this is the fire pit these two built the first day we were in our house!  we have had several fires!!

the crew:)

no words to describe this personality! :)

looking forward to fun times at our new place, lots to explore!


rutledgeramblings said...

I can't believe the "canyon"! Can't wait to see it in person!

Juanita said...

If it’s possible to be jealous in a good way, that’s me right now. I am so happy for you guys—it’s a beautiful property! What a great lifestyle that allows. Enjoy!! Oh, and I look forward to seeing pictures of your house. I hope it’s not getting too overwhelming (I can’t imagine how it’s not!)