Friday, October 5, 2012

another very cool find

This school year Carter has been setting his alarm, getting up early and hitting the books hard and steady all morning.  He wants to be finished by lunch so he has the afternoon free.  Today he went out by himself and found the coolest place.  He RAN back home, stomped up the stairs of the school room and with very heavy breath told us to COME NOW.  

Well, we dropped everything and went.  The deeper we got into the woods I began to think that this was all a joke, it wasn't!

Check this out (even though pictures do not do it justice)...
 It looks like a cave but you can come out of the other side so the kids call it their tunnel.

This is Aubrey about half way though (not sure how long it is).

Coming out the other side.

The next two pics are both taken looking into the tunnel the opposite way from which we entered.

On the way back to the house one of us stopped to jump in puddles...

These bones Andrew is carrying we found where we exited the tunnel.  We came home and googled them and found out that it is the remains of a horse.  We are guessing that a horse fell down in the tunnel and died. We have found other bones here too that we cannot identify yet.  We sent two skulls to work with my dad to take to the TWRA office.

Wow, what a handful she is in the woods, a cute handful though:)

the crew....

The above picture looks like the land is somewhat clear but much of the walking we do in the woods is through thorns, thick brush and lots of rock.  I have to carry Hope the entire time and continually stop for Benjamin to catch up.  Our hope is to clear a lot of the junk out so it will be easier to navigate.  

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Annah said...

Dubois Family wants to come live with you!!!! What a treasure of a find.