Tuesday, October 2, 2012

fun after the rain

it rained here ALL DAY LONG yesterday, POURED for hours.

one thing the kids have decided they miss from our old house was our covered patio.  each time it rained, usually when it rained really hard, we would all go outside and watch it.  some would color with chalk, others ride toys and some would just sit and watch.  it is a fun memory that i didn't think much about at the time but now that the opportunity has been taken away, we all realize that it was sort of a tradition for us, i know, sounds silly but it was something we loved.  

the great thing is that we have found something new to do, not during the rain but after the rain.

i was preparing dinner last night when it all finally stopped.  the older 3 kids asked to go to the "cascade" (they have named different parts of our property).  with a quick yes from me they were out the door.  aubrey took her camera and captured a few pictures...

this cool little place only has running water after (or during) a rain.  we are eager to see how it is this winter and spring, the wet seasons.  after being inside all day, this was a treasured 30 minutes outside!  now i just have to go see it next time!  the only downside... more laundry!  but it is worth it!

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