Sunday, October 28, 2012

the barn

We now own a barn.  

It leaks.

It is old.

It needs a lot of work.

BUT... it is full of treasures.

When we bought our place it came with a barn and lots of stuff in it.
The seat with 4 wheels below is a garden scooter.
Designed to sit on and scoot down the rows of your garden. 
The kids have spent hours pushing each other around and riding down hills on it.    

We love picnics, simple ones in the backyard.  Check out this cool picnic basket that we now get to use...

There were several fishing things left here.

And what was supped to be tackle boxes is now a lego mini figure organizer, a button organizer, and a bead organizer!

Rusty was excited this tiller... it is very similar to the one we have.

These stones below are were not in the barn but they are cool.  We think they were either part of the house that was built here in 1840 or they were the original foundation of the house we are in now, built in 1890.  

We think they were used to build this (massive) fireplace in our living room.
There is more, the above things are some favorites. I still haven't been in every stall of the barn.  The kids probably have.    Lots left to discover and explore!

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