Wednesday, October 24, 2012



known around here as benja most of the time, thanks to hope.

we celebrated his 5th birthday in the mountains but he also wanted to celebrate with some friends.  the boy wanted a party and we gave him one.  we don't do parties outside of family for every birthday but this year we did for him.  if you have seen him in the past 6-9 months and have made any impression on him, he has invited you to be a part of his special day.  he wanted everyone to celebrate.

the night was cool.  grandparents came, cousins were already in town and then we had 3 other families over.  chili and roasted hot dogs were the menu.  the kids went on a hike to the cave and had a hayride.  it was just right.

the little blond boy in the pic above (front right) is a friend and benjamin decided to send his dream light home with him "for 2 nights".  this is the same benjamin that hid toys in and under his bed for a long time.  his most prized birthday gift that he had only had just a couple of weeks he loaned out.  this is huge.  i know it may be hard to understand but it is huge!  another detail that makes this event monumental is that he has recently become scared of the dark... or he can at least express this to us now.  the dream light has taken away that fear (also going to bed at the same time as andrew helps a lot).  so the dream light was gone 3 nights, he survived (a fellow adoptive mama knew how big this was or him to share so it came back quickly).  when it was returned he sent this little boy home with some hot wheels cars.  wow, he has changed.  

benjamin loves his family. i love how benjamin is not inhibited by people.  he always asks the names of those he is around.  i love that he is friendly and kind.  he did ask me recently if he had "vanilla under his chocolate" (skin color).  it made me sad.  this is the first reference he has made to his skin being different.  i try to picture myself in a all black family... it would be hard to be so different no matter how much i was loved.  

benjamin is learning his letters.  many ask if he is in kindergarten this year and the answer is NO!  there is so much he is behind on so we held him back this year.  i work with him and his older siblings do too.  we do lots of sensory activities and just simple preschool stuff!  we are in no rush.

we had family picture taken today.  i can't wait to see them and share them.  a sweet girl that i met at our silent auction contacted me and said she wanted to take a family picture for us as a gift!  she also donated her services at our auction.  anyway, rusty came home from work early we got a little more dressed up than usual (we are casual people here), took the pictures and then headed out to church.  this is how benja came out of the car...

we kept the chest covered up during the pictures... he must have been bored on his ride home from church:)

this guy is a trip.  sometimes i want to squeeze the life out of him and sometimes i want to squeeze him so hard just because i love him so much.  

life would be boring without our benja:)

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Courtney said...

i loved this update on benjamin! he is so handsome!!

i totally get what a BIG deal him sharing his toys was - yay!!!