Thursday, October 18, 2012

the fun (mostly fun) continues

these kids have gotten along so well this week

with these 2 it is always double the fun and double the mess

beautiful girl and sky

a little work mixed in the fun:)

these 2 remind me so much of myself... outside all day long, 4-wheeler riding, critter catching

ah, love those smiles

this guy and i have been married 14 yrs as of wednesday, love him

the carnival was a success!  lots of planning, lots of fun

the challenge was to find as many different kinds of nuts and identify them

archery and bb guns

i set a tea party up for alli and everyone joined in when grape juice was involved

dress up time

an empty tank of gas and a splinter is all that has kept the smiles off these faces

rocket launching

the 3 amigos

and the other 3 amigos

stuck. after i was in water up to my knees i finally got the lawnmower and pulled it out and then the 4-wheeler had to pull the lawnmower out

puzzles, happening with all ages (except hope)

today the fun was halted around 3pm.  i was in the school room and i hear "aunt elizabeth, help" being shouted from a distance.  i look out the window to see my niece running to the house, aubrey not far behind her with blood pouring down her face.  i bolt down the stairs to meet them in the kitchen.  the cut was very open and her shirt and jeans were blood soaked.  paper towels were turning red way too fast.  i knew we had to go.  i called rusty, i called the dr and then we headed to the er.  my mom was here this afternoon so she went with us.  to say that aubrey was hysterical is putting it lightly... needles, hospitals, injuries are not her thing, at all.  aubrey calmed down some in the waiting room until a man runs in who had been stabbed in the parking lot (we don't live in a dangerous place, y'all).  he was covered in blood.  he falls to the floor and starts moaning and screaming.  kids are crying all around, parents are trying to protect innocent ears and scared hearts.   family members show up (for both sides of the altercation), police everywhere, more yelling and screaming, the er goes on lock down... my poor girl, the anxiety level was already high.  my stomach was turning.  I do good in injury/emergency situations but the smells of a hospital coupled with an injury i am personally dealing with are about more than i can handle, then to add the drama that we saw, oh i just wanted to be home.  after the lock down was lifted we go to wait on the dr.  aubrey cries as we sit down in the examination room, the sights of the medical equipment are almost too much for her to handle. the nicest pa and dr come in, a gift!  we were given the option of gluing the cut instead of stitches since it only went through 2 layers and not 3, music to aubrey's and my ears.  we opted out of the local anesthesia, that involved a shot.  so he scrubbed it clean, she held my hands and when it was over she began talking, she was too nervous to talk before then.  i can't believe how good it looks now... 
a blizzard from dq always helps too!  as she went to bed her eye was black and face swelling a bit, we were told this would happen.  ice has helped.  so thankful that she didn't need xrays (they originally thought a bone might be broken) and that we are home.  we prayed for aubrey tonight and for those we saw in the er... mom said several people were praying in the waiting room for aubrey and for one another, i love this! i don't know if her cut closed some on its own but it looked so different after we got to the er than it did at home. i do know prayers were being lifted up and our god heals, even if only just enough to prevent stitches for a very scared and overwhelmed daughter of his.  aubrey is in a great mood and smiling big:)

oh yeah,how this happened... she and the other 2 c's found some golf clubs in the barn and decided to hit water bottles off of the top of the gravel pile.  aubrey set a bottle up and didn't get fully out of the way and got popped in the face with a golf club, OUCH!

looking forward to more fun tomorrow.


Laurie said...

Um, you're not supposed to have those high level stressful moments without me...did you learn anything in Rwanda ;)? Glad A is okay!!

Brandi Hasley said...

All the kiddos are growing way too fast! I cannot believe how big they all are. Praying for Aubrey!