Thursday, November 1, 2012


we set out into the woods to find the perfect tree for our project.

as usual, with choosing a christmas tree, the kids spotted the "perfect" one just steps into the woods.
i encouraged them to go deeper.
we walked on the freshly made trails.
before too long we found our choice tree, sawed it down and drug it home.
we trimmed it and put it in a pail.
dirt is holding it in place.

this is...

we are going to add leaves to our bare tree each day leading up to thanksgiving.
i want us to be thankful all year long .
but right now we are being more intentional about it.
the seven members of our family will add a leaf daily.

two things we are giving thanks for today...

our smallest member had a hard time in the woods.
her big brother was her support.

he helped her up when she fell...

and safely guided her all the way home...
hope didn't say she was thankful for benja but she told rusty that she was benja's sunshine (she is usually daddy's sunshine), to be hope's sunshine is a honor in our home.


Miranda Rose said...

Oh, so sweet!!

And I LOVE your thankful tree, it's already awesome, but it's gonna be beautiful!!

rutledgeramblings said...

We did the Thankful Tree last year and really enjoyed it! Can't wait to see it all filled up!