Friday, November 2, 2012


this week we had a couple of distractions.
rusty is preparing to build a shop for equipment, tools and such.
 i decided we would go with the -unschooled- method for a couple of days.
 the kids watched and helped.
the older boys even drove the equipment, for fun not work.

aubrey made some yummy cake balls for halloween night, we always go to my cousin's house.
(there are no costume pictures yet because i did not have a card in my camera-frustrating-others took pics)
israel, i know it is hard to tell but that is what this salt map is, israel (more to come on this).

thankfulness (and creAtivIty)...


Just an ending side note...
benjamin was asked to go upstairs, get 4 hangers from his closet and bring them back down and he successfully did this.  this is huge here in our house, following directions.  he walked through 4 rooms and up a set of stairs and came all the way back in an appropriate amount of time.  4 hangers = huge progress!!

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