Wednesday, November 7, 2012

orphan sunday

i watched this video last night...

Zambia's Gift to the World from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.

and i now understand how orphan sunday was birthed.

rusty shared his testimony of our adoption this morning at a church luncheon, he did an awesome job.

i find myself searching and researching so much revolving around orphans this time of the year.

i find myself wanting to adopt again or even try foster care, as if my hands aren't full.
but when i see the faces of those children that need a home i immediately think... we have room.  this fallen world has put them where they are, it is not their fault.

we are not adopting again or planning on fostering right now.  

my big news...
i am going back to rwanda, we decided last week.  and i can't wait.  i will go in july of 2013 with our rwandan friend ebralie (and some other women).  we will participate in feeding HIV positive children, visiting child-led households, encouraging HIV/AIDS mothers, offering nutritional counseling, sharing and offering the transforming gospel of love, and being the body of Christ to brothers and sisters in need.  not sure if i am ready or not but i can't wait to go.

my heart breaks for the least of these.  even on days when my kids drive me nuts and i have had all i can take.  

so many orphans around the world.
so many people with nothing.
so many who do not have the privileges i do.

there is so much to pray for.
our morning was filled information about orphans and our evening homeless men.

room in the inn began again tonight.
homeless people... lots of them.
so many christians are quick to point a finger at these men... its their fault.
i am glad jesus does not point his finger at me and my mistakes.
i am thankful for the never ending love of christ.

my heart is heavy and i don't really have time to process all of it.

life is hard.
thankful for my adoption into christ's family.


Juanita said...

Oh my! You're going to Rwanda!!! Preparing to having your heart broken again and again. Are both you and Rusty going? Are any of your kids going?
I too had the desire/call to adopt when faced with the realities this past orphan sunday. I don't think we can right now, but how can we not-right? I hope I'm brave enough to obey when God calls us to act (in whatever way that might be).

Rutledge 7 said...

It will just be me going this time, my oldest wants to go, I may take her next time (already planning on doing this again, guess I need to go first and then evaluate). Our Rwandan friend that lives in TN takes 10 women every summer to serve. I felt like it was a unique opportunity to go with her since she lived there most of her life, they fled from the genocide. All I know to do concerning any of these situations is pray, pray, pray. Pray for how to serve whether through adoption or mission work or whatever. And then when God leads be obedient and follow. I always enjoy your updates via your blog and facebook!

The Waggoners said...

Beautiful post. Very excited for you!