Monday, November 12, 2012

score (another barn find, the tree house and more)

treasure is truly in the eye of the beholder.
anyone recognize the "treasure" above?  carter, in his opinion, scored big when he brought this to the house and had rusty fix it.  they have typed and typed on this electric typewriter... who knew what real entertainment was.  i just hope it improves their typing skills:)

saturday was a much anticipated day.  some of the cousins were coming over, cousins that had not yet experienced the caves and canyon.  there was even rumor that they "might" start on the tree house.  the older boys had to load and stack firewood that morning, it was done in record time (they don't know it, but they changed the bar for how long that should take normally).  

the boys (and aubrey) played and ran and explored and built (well, rusty and brian did most of this) and ate and played and rode 4-wheelers and explored... you get the point.

i did not get my camera out:(
here is a picture of "the boys" from last christmas...

the start of the project...

to say the boys love it is grossly understating it!
there will be walls and a roof but for now "its perfect"!

now for

love to see what the kids write each day.  and yes i know we need a couple of spelling lessons.

this is what we did tonight...
 poultry class!

benjamin loves going to class too.  aubrey missed most of the class due to her sewing class overlapping.  hope has been sick so she just hung out with me (praying that she has turned a huge corner when she wakes up in the morning)... she has been pitiful and feeling rotten.


Miranda Rose said...

I love your family!

From my full heart... said...

Oh my goodness, your pictures make me smile!