Thursday, December 27, 2012

deer, it's whats for dinner

While eating breakfast this morning we spotted a deer out by the pond.  Less than 10 minutes later he was being drug back to the house, ready to clean.
 This was Rusty's first buck, the rack is seriously lacking but its a buck nonetheless.

Aubrey helped him dress the deer, 2 hours out in the cold snowy/icy wind... but she has a deer pelt to show for it.  Actually it is in her bathtub right now and the antlers are on the kitchen counter with salt on the flesh, Andrew has claimed those.

The older boys received shotguns for Christmas so Andrew plans on bringing some squirrels home soon:)  I think Carter is planning the same.

Oh, and we did eat some of the deer for dinner, delicious.  The rest we cut up and froze for later.

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