Monday, December 24, 2012

the JOY of giving

The cousins had come over, three girls, very excited about a trip they took to the Creation Museum.  The children were intrigued and knew right away they wanted to go and experience what their cousins experienced.   

We told them that we would take them one day.  We haven't yet.

This summer the kids decided to raise money to take the oldest 5 of this group of 8 cousins to the Creation Museum.  They were going to pay for 1 or 2 adults to go and pay for the hotel stay that would be needed.  Gas money was even considered when talking about expenses.

The kids worked hard.
They saved money and earned money.

They watched the Answers in Genesis dvds that the cousins purchased from the museum... the excitement grew!

Then late one afternoon we received a box of Gospel for Asia catalogs to distribute.  The kids LOVE these!  The idea of buying chickens, rabbits or goats for someone... wow!

Aubrey had an idea.
She talked to her brothers and called her cousins.

Instead of the Creation Museum they collectively decided to give this money to GFA.  They were giving up a trip that they worked hard for, that they anticipated with great delight, for people in need in Asia.

I was in awe of the selflessness.
I wish I had it like they did.
They were giddy with laughter.
I loved it, every second of it.

I wish the cousins could have been together to go through the catalog but it didn't happen this time... it would have been priceless to watch.

The cousins chose stuff at their house and we did ours at ours.

The evening was truly JOY-FILLED.  Even our son that tends to not be very giving, was excited.  Everyone got to choose items to purchase.

Chickens and rabbits were a MUST!

BIBLES- of course.

A sewing machine and water filtration system.

The more items they were able to choose the happier they became.

It was great to be a part of this act of giving that I did not plan or even encourage.  

Everyone counted money.

It was sorted and stacked.

Aubrey read out the options for purchasing...

She is our "list maker" "form filler outer" girl:)

We were SHOCKED at how much money the kids had!  They had money set aside that I didn't know about.  They easily could have taken this trip with just what our kids had.   

THEY NEVER WAVERED from the idea of giving!

Rusty deposited the money in our account and used his card to complete the transaction!  

We all went to bed full that night.  Full because of a gift long ago, because of a love that is unconditional, because of the precious baby born to save and redeem us all.
I pray I never forget the magnitude of this birth, that it is always in the forefront of my mind.  Without this gift, this birth, we are nothing.

Today we anticipate the celebration of His birth we will experience tonight and then special planned time with our family.

Although we have much to look forward to our hearts are still heavy with all the suffering that is going on.  A funeral yesterday for Hope's Sunday School teacher, a sudden sad death, leaving behind a husband and 2 children. We can rejoice since she is being made new in heaven but we can't help but mourn for the loss of this life.  Oh Lord come quickly.


beckyheel said...

my heart needed to read this today. I'm praying, too, for Him to come quickly... and knowing when He does I will enjoy eternity with your precious family. love these kids, love you, and love your hearts.

rutledgeramblings said...

So thankful for all of our kids and the example they are to us of Christ! They humble me a lot! I am SOOO glad that they have your kids to share their love with. We are extremely blessed!