Tuesday, December 4, 2012

oh, the tree

It never goes quite like I imagine it in my mind.

We kept the tradition of cutting down our tree but this year we just walked across the street and cut a cedar tree off our property instead of going to a tree farm, which we have done every year since we have been married.

We got the kids up early, put water on the wood stove and shuffled to find hats and mittens.  It was a cold morning.

The kids started out excited and eager to get going.
And then Hope fell:(  There was frost, it was cold, she was sad.

Daddy agreed to carry her (and Benjamin) and the smile came back.

We have 15 acres with our house and 5 across the street (maybe home to some cows one day) so across the street we went.  We saw a 12 point buck and all interest was quickly lost in finding a tree!  My auto focus is still not working so I did not get a picture.  That poor deer is going to be hunted.

We got back on track and spotted the "perfect" tree.  It is always perfect when it is cold out and you have been promised hot chocolate when we return.

If you hold her, she will smile!

We also cut down a small tree to use for our Jesse tree, this is a first for us.  We have always used the same 3 Advent books and so this year we are using Ann Voskamp's Jesse Tree Devotional.
Heading back to our house.

 (he was into the tree cutting, ha. he found plants that push ice out of the stem, collected it, made a ice ball)

But before we went inside we hopped in the car and headed down to see the neighbors cows, one cow had a calf and many are expecting.
 We walked thru the gate and into the field and the cows and us had somewhat of a stand off.  I was ready to run, as were a few of our kids.  Ms. Wanita, the lady with the cows, grew up in our house.  It was her Grandfathers and then her father's place.  The history, we learn more every time we talk to her and her husband, Eddie.  Eddie found out he had cancer (stupid cancer) and he has been in the hospital recovering from surgery.  Ms. Wanita is a hard working lady, caring for the cows by herself, she promises to ask if she needs help, so far she just waves and honks with a smile as she drives by.  Well, we talked for a while and with each minute the bull (Mighty) got closer and closer to us.  I WAS NERVOUS.  Ms. Wanita talked to him and that is great and all but if he had charged us, what we were going to do?!  RUN!  And look like crazy people I guess.  Andrew was just going to punch him in the nose, HA!  I excused us as I felt more and more uncomfortable and we headed home for a warm bowl of cheese grits, hot chocolate and coffee!

Rusty had to get to work.  We got the trees in stands and decorated after Carter's air rifle class that night!
It's a bit Charlie Brownish but it is ours and it was free:)  It is lacking on decorations, we usually decorate a 5ft tree, not a 8ft tree.  It still needs a little trimming and decorating so it will be a work in progress:)

So there is the story of our not so normal tree cutting experience:)

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