Friday, November 23, 2012

help, thank, give, experience- catching up

helping mama
(i need to let them do this more)

he would help in the kitchen everyday if i would let him... even if it is just pushing the green button on the coffee maker

unprompted, she starts scrubbing things in our house and love it!

(they have loved doing this)

giving at Christmas
(a gift we made for a niece)

we really try to focus on giving, we need to improve and understand what sacrificial giving looks likes-- READ THIS STORY 

gospel for asia is a favorite

another favorite is the salvation army kettles, we give every time we see one

a new one for us this year (a way to give to the people of rwanda)

we sponsor a child through Divine Care Ministries- we love writing and getting letters from our "daughter", Lukyia, in Uganda (this is year round)

and then we have those times when our kids really get it, i mean they get it better than we do.  my dear friend sallee is not well, please pray.  recent scans have shown the cancer is advancing.  she has a chance at taking some experimental chemo, she should find out soon if this will be an option.  if it is not, we pray more, treatments will be over.  aubrey heard us discussing some of the details and we found this letter in our toothpaste drawer...
i think a child willing to give up all gifts at home christmas morning is huge.  my small mind thinks... oh, you don't want to give them all up, do you? even your stockling?  what!  lord forgive me for my selfish spirit.  we will do our best to bless this family at christmas this year.  
below- couch family in october

outdoor fun

this tree will soon be home to a swing

a big first for hope, she did not want to get off

this shocked us both- he usually won't pet horses... maybe seeing hope up there encouraged (or pressured) him:)

entertainment=digging up turnips with your cousin

dirt, who doesn't love some good ole dusty dirt?

 (i wish you could have seen the acres of dirt. someone took a small handful of "hope's" dirt and she laid out flat on top of it to protect it.

just plain cool
(from this to our clothing)

we are in mississippi celebrating thanksgiving and christmas with rusty's family.  i am sure there will be more pictures to come (although i am a little frustrated that my auto focus isn't working on my camera)!!

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Brandi Hasley said...

I just love Aubrey and her sweet heart! We love, love all the kiddos.