Monday, November 19, 2012


always smiling, shouting hallelujah and glory to god
we crack up at this little girl who is not yet 3 years old
she loves the word booty (it has got to go)

she loves to dress up and knows exactly what she wants

she is one of a kind, all the kids are

 she loves, really loves, bugs and insects.
she has brought me a spider more than once, i over reacted and slapped it out of her hand, oops!

 she loves to be outside and she loves to be loud

 she loves to watch her daddy work and wave at him and she rides by on the 4-wheeler with her big sister

 (thankful for rusty's brother who came to help frame the shop/barn, they worked hard)

 (concrete was poured today, starting at 5:30 this morning, so glad for this progress)

the boots speak volumes about the personality

 as i post this blurry picture i hope that i will slow down as a parent.  take in every moment with my kids.  older wiser women have told me "how quickly the time will pass" so i want to to look back and have vivid and joyful memories, not blurry ones.

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