Friday, January 11, 2013

adding to the family, four legged friends

The kids have been wanting some kittens for a long while now.  I kept saying, "when we move we will get some".  We have had our eyes and ears open and finally Tuesday we received 2 kittens.  They are a little older than we were expecting to get but the kittens are warming up to our house of 7 and it seems like they are going to be a good fit.

These kittens officially belong to Benjamin and Carter.

Meet Smokey.  Very outgoing and playful.  Started purring for us yesterday!

Meet Jo.  Very shy and not very trusting of us.  Started playing with toys yesterday.

They are inside right now as they get acclimated to us, then they will move to the garage and outdoors!

In other animal news our rabbit got attacked by a coyote during the night last week.  It ripped through the bottom of her cage, ripped her tail off and damaged her back legs.  As we were checking her we let her down in the grass and she ran off.  They next day I found her in the woods, alive.  Coyotes breed from Jan-Mar so they are out like crazy right now.  We hear them in our yard at night.  Andrew wants Rusty to shoot one so he can have a coyote pelt to hang in his room and Rusty wants to shoot one (or 10) to cut down on the over population of them.  

We get our chickens in about 2 months so we are slowly but surly bringing this old farm back to life!


rutledgeramblings said...

Yeah!!! You finally got your kittens! I know the kids are excited! You can finally use that kitten food ;)

BOO!!! on the coyotes! Pretty scary!
I'm sure those guys of yours can get a couple of them :) It's in their Rutledge blood!

The Waggoners said...

After the boys get your coyotes, send 'em up here to get ours! We can't seem to keep our cats safe. The coyotes are even going after pups in fenced runs during the DAY here! I ditto above -- BOO! :)