Monday, January 7, 2013

sallee needs a miracle

The short version is that Sallee needs a miracle very soon or the reality is that her healing will be in heaven.  God is able.

All treatments have stopped.  
Hospice is coming in.  
Montie has to be at home with her.  
This aggressive cancer is affecting her brain now.

A mom to 6.
A wife to an incredible man.

A family struggling to grip the reality of life without the one who is the glue in the family, holding all things together.  

A family who is now having to trust and rely on God differently than ever before.

Lord give them the strength.

And I am not family, only a friend of 2+ years.

So much to talk to the Lord about, to give over to him.

Please pray for 

Photo: here is the REAL pose :)
Photo: This is the BEAUTIFUL Couch family.  Our friend, Sallee Couch, continues her 2yr. battle with ovarian cancer. Please join us in praying for a Christmas Miracle.  The family needs time together and her husband Montie is self employed so he must work or he doesn't get paid.  Would you please consider giving them a small Christmas gift, a donation to help with expenses?  The impact could be huge if we all join together in some small way to share a Christmas blessing with them.  If you were thinking of giving the Wills family gifts this year, please consider donating to the Couch family instead.  It would mean alot to us and I know it would mean alot to them. I've put a link to their blog below, where donations can be made.  Through our adoption they have become part of our family and we would love to have them wrapped in LOVE this season wih the BIG hearts of our friends and family.


Juanita said...

Praying! It's hard to know exactly how to properly pray... I'm so glad He understands the utterances of my heart because my words fail me.

rutledgeramblings said...

So, so sorry to hear this. My heart breaks for them. We will definitely be praying for them.