Tuesday, February 26, 2013

sunday afternoon walk

Sunday afternoon was beautiful, a little cool but beautiful.
Aubrey came home from church with a fever, Carter came home from FL with the flu so I was ready to get out of the house for a bit (we are about 7 weeks on of someone being sick).  

We walked around our property and then Rusty, Andrew and I took a short bike ride.

The joys of shoulder riding, I remember it clearly from childhood.

This boy is always ready to find something to bring back home.

Carter joined us for a while, the first day he was feeling better.

Always a 1/2 mile behind the rest of us.

He's been "fishing".  What a catch.

Can you see the one thing that I dislike about our house?
It sits right on the road in a 90 degree curve.
We typically only have traffic during school hours.
Our road is also a favorite for motorcycle an bicycle riders. 

Rusty has started our garden area.

The unfinished tree fort.  Found out it sit just on our "neighbors" property so we have to talk to him to find out if we are leaving it or moving it:)

This girl, this personality, kills us (in a good way, of course).

(she will talk to anyone that calls)

That cute (dumb) cat still lets Hope catch him every time she goes after him.  She loves that cat and that cat tolerates her.

A few people have asked about Hope's seizures.  With some guidance from a counselor friend and learning her triggers we are able to stop them before she has one.  She did have one at church 2 Sunday's ago due to being knocked over by a boy running full force in the hallway.  She hit her head on the concrete wall.  She was fine, just a little scary (for me) for a few minutes.

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