Thursday, March 7, 2013

ready for health

Since the first week of January someone in our home has been sick.  

Until this past weekend it has been 1 person at a time, I guess we like to spread it out.  Most but not all of those days include fever.  

We think it has been the flu, we never went and got it confirmed.  We don't get flu shots.  

Rusty also had a severe stomach bug (glad that one didn't spread).  

This flu-type junk takes a good 2-3 weeks to get over.  

Everyone in the house is coughing (even me as of yesterday, I will be the last one to go down if I do, some have been down twice).  

We missed our marriage retreat this past weekend that we had prayed for and worked hard to plan and prepare for.  It was hard not being there.  Thankfully this was being hosted by two other couples besides us.  It was not only not being able to help them, I really was looking forward to a weekend away with Rusty- kid free.  Rusty being sick kept us home.  (If you are looking for a GREAT marriage program, THE ART OF MARRIAGE is probably our favorite to date.) 

On the flip side, Hope and Benjamin started running fevers on Saturday so I am glad I was here for them.  This is the first sickness Benjamin has had (besides allergies/cold) since he has been our son.  This boy is a champion sick kid.  Hope does fine until her fever hits about the 102 mark and then she goes downhill quickly.  

So I am ready for health, a full nights rest, warm weather and ready to get out of the house.  I haven't been to my women's bible study in 2013 yet!  

As I go about caring for my family and our home it is easy to get discouraged.  I play a lot of worship music (even during school).  I pray.  And I think of Sallee.  And I am so thankful that I am here and can care for my family, even with all its challenges and struggles.  

Rusty serves on the Children's Home board with a lady named Tammy.  She went to the Dr. on Friday with pneumonia and passed away on Tuesday.  She leaves behind a husband and a 13 year old daughter and a 9 year old son.  Yes, there were complications but you still don't expect a loved one to drive them self to the Dr. and 4 days later die.   Pray for Tammy's family.  They have NO family to help them out (no parents, no siblings, no family).  They do have some friends.  Tammy's husband leaves for work at 4am and works 7 days a week.  Life is about to change so drastically for this family.  We knew Tammy but we don't know her family.

So I tell you that story so you can pray for Tammy's family and so you can see how I am able to keep things in perspective.

We are not a sick family.  We rarely go to the doctor, we don't even make our one year check-ups.  This season has been challenging.  But I have held my kids closer than I have in a while, even my big kids... we all needed that.  But even with this new perspective I do get weary and tired and I long for health for all of us.   

The big kids started an enrichment program (NEW FRONTIERS) today.  They are excited.  I think we all needed this.  They will go 7 sessions (every other Thursday) and then we have a family day that everyone but Hope can participate in.

I am off to shower, have lost track of when the last one was (real life here people).  

This has been a lifesaver for me (and Hope)...
If I have to make dinner or do school with the kids, Hope is content to sit in her jogger stroller and even take a nap in there.  She feels warm, safe and secure at those times I can't hold her.

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Miranda Rose said...

Bless your heart! I so relate with everything you shared about your feelings of dealing with all the sickness. I had thoughts along the same line when we were battling it out this winter. It is tiring and frustrating nonetheless. Praying everyone gets well and stays well, it's been such a terrible winter for sickness for everyone, I am pulling for warm weather too.
BTW, I enjoy your blog and the realness you write about your life with. We've never met but your life is something I relate with at times, am an encouraged by and am always telling Joe what is going on. We really should meet up "one of these days". Have a blessed day Elizabeth, hope it includes a shower and no fevers!