Thursday, March 14, 2013

god's ways are perfect

God NEVER ceases to amaze us.  

He is our provider, he sustains us.

Even when we wonder or worry, he is with us.

Monday brought huge blessings here.

A friend texted Sunday night asking if she could stop by for a brief moment on Monday and I said yes.  She arrived with some cupcakes leftover from a baby shower for the kids and then gave me an envelope.  By the look on her face I knew it was a big deal. 

The front...

The inside...

Along with the note was a substantial finical gift.  The anonymous gift giver has no idea the value of this gift.  This giver, from my understanding, knew we missed our marriage retreat, knew we have dealt with a great deal of sickness and knew Rusty had missed work.  Missed work here means no income, self-employment.  

What this giver probably didn't know was that we signed the kids up for an enrichment program, we had taxes due on our property across the street that we paid cash for when we bought this place, we had to get chemical to treat the well water, that the balance for my trip to Rwanda was due, that Rusty's work has been a little slow, that insurance was due and the list goes on.  It seemed so many things that weren't regular expenses were all due at once.  On paper this wasn't going to work.  

We are glad that God doesn't use the same paper we do:)

We have had an unbalanced outflow verses inflow of money lately.  God has ALWAYS provided.  Whether that means a good paying job for Rusty or a gift or a random occasion where we run into money, he ALWAYS provides.  

We lived at tight as possible and then... this gift comes.  

What perfect timing.

Again and again we are humbled by the Lord and those obedient to his calling.  We want to be givers like these people (who I am told are not our "friends" but we do know them).  The gap is filled and we want to share this story so others can be blessed by it too.  

My friend, the gift deliverer, she was blessed.  We were blessed.  Our kids are in awe seeing the cash.  The giver is blessed.  Amazing how everyone is touched by the experience.  I can't imagine NOT being a part of God's kingdom.

On a side note...
I ended up getting sick last Wednesday.  Thankfully not the flu but it has taken me a week to feel close to normal.  So, hopefully as everyone still strives to feel 100% well, we are on the road to full recovery.

My heart is full and ever so thankful.

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