Tuesday, April 9, 2013

april 7, 2000

Our first child was born.  

Arriving nearly 6 weeks early we were blessed to have a healthy baby girl.

Thirteen years later we celebrate her life and are astounded by the fact that we now have a teenager in our home.

We asked Aubrey what she wanted to do to celebrate turning 13 and she said she wanted to spend the day with our family having a picnic and fishing.  Wow, that's an easy request to fill.  Since Rusty's brother and family live on Dale Hollow Lake we asked them if we could go to their place for the day and that is what we did.  It started bright and early with church in Albany, KY and then we headed over the camp that they manage.  

Before we did all that on Sunday we had my parents and brother and his family over on Saturday afternoon for a cookout.  Aubrey and my brother share a birthday.  

Paul and Autumn and Rusty and I got Aubrey a kayak for her birthday.  It worked out perfect that we were going to the lake the next day.  
Aubrey LOVED it!  They all did.  My parents actually got Andrew a kayak for his birthday (that is coming up in May) and gave it to him early.  The 5 older kids did a great job of sharing the kayaks and I think we have a few kids wanting one of their own.  They handled them amazingly well.

The youngest 3 fished but only caught weeds:)
They didn't care, they had lots of fun being together.

They took a few boat rides...

We had dinner and talked a while and then headed home for a late arrival of nearly midnight!

A sweet little girl, still shocked we have a teenager in the house...

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