Thursday, April 4, 2013

time is flying by (and the chicks are here)

Days pass by so quickly.  The days start and I blink and we are at the end.

Our oldest will be 13 on Sunday!

We have had shorts and t-shirt weather and snow all in one week.
(the snow didn't last long)

My dinning room has become a miniature green house.  I hope all these seeds continue to germinate and then produce.  I am sprouting too!
(those lentils were only an inch deep when I started)

Our ducks grew so fast we booted them outside.  The dog house is there new home.  Ducks are not good pets for the faint of heart.  They are cute as can be but they stink and make huge messes!

(They are turning into beautiful Mallards, except for the ugly duck.  We stick the ducks in the dog house at night and block the door, too may coyotes around here to not keep them safe until they can fly).  The cats and dog are very interested too:)

The chicks have arrived!  All 52, as of this morning 50, of them are in our dining room.  The kids got 50 Barred Rocks and 2 mystery chicks.  After research Aubrey thinks hers is a Silky (beautiful and ugly depending on the time of year) and Carters didn't make through the night last night.  We have one more chick in question but the other 49 seem to be strong!

(When the ducks went out, the chicks got a bigger brooder.  Hope has mixed feelings about sharing her pool.)

We took a trip to Mississippi and stayed with Rusty's mom for Easter weekend.  We went out to dinner with Rusty's brother and sister-in-law while MaSue kept all of the kids, a real treat. We had beautiful warm weather, did egg dying and an egg hunt with the cousins and neighborhood kids that Andrew brought over and enjoyed a sunrise Easter service.  We walked twice a day, laughed a lot and really enjoyed being together.  I am so thankful for a mother-in-law who loves me and the kids and supports our family like she does.  A blessing not everyone has.

(Love it when great memories are made).

We are experimenting with raised garden beds this year.  We will have our main garden but then three of the kids are doing raised beds.  Andrew is growing a salsa garden (tomatoes, cilantro, garlic, onions, peppers)... he is a champ at making salsa and loves to eat it!  He will also have a raised bed for worms... yes, a worm bed or farm or whatever you want to call it.  Aubrey is growing lettuce, carrots and is undecided on the other things.  Benjamin will grow flowers.  No pictures of those yet, only two set up and only lettuce planted.

Carter's cat Smokey...  What a cat (kitten really).  This gus had killed a shrew, a mouse, a chipmunk and a rabbit.  A hunter at heart I guess you could say.  Works out great for us with the mice.  Makes us a little concerned about the ducks and chickens (he has already been removed from the duck pen several times).
(The kids took lots of pictures but I will spare you those).

We are trying new recipes.  Aubrey and Carter have been cooking weekly and I love it!  Kinda a win win around here.

 (Carter using a little art with cooking... we made baked corn-black bean-spinach spring rolls and carter made what you see above)

We are looking forward to this weekend and maybe it won't be two weeks between posts this time.

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