Tuesday, May 7, 2013

a new place to play

Last night at dinner Rusty reveals that he has a surprise for us all after dinner.  It involved 4 2x4s and 4 posts that he purchased that day.

One of the things that the kids, especially the younger 2 have missed from our old house is the swings and slide.  

They are coming back!

So when dinner was wrapped up we headed out in rain saturated backyard to erect place for the old swings and slide.

It rained off and on during the construction so we ended up taking the little ones in for a bath while Rusty and the older boys finished up!  We only had to purchase minimal materials since we had scraps laying around!

They are thrilled and have been on it all morning!

NOW, the big kids want a couple of "real" swings hung from some trees!  And a zip line:)


Amy said...

Love it! If I tried to put a swing set together after dinner, no one would allow their kids to play on it. :)Amy

rutledgeramblings said...

That husband of yours amazes me with how quickly he can build stuff!