Saturday, May 4, 2013

the coop

The chicks -VERY QUICKLY- outgrew the dining room and then the garage.  

The pressure was on for Rusty to get a coop up and dry enough to get the chicks out of the our house.  

We still have to put strips of wood between each board, build nesting boxes and finish the back hatch on the coop itself and then we have to put a fence around part of it.  

We plan to let them free range during the day and then put them in the coop at night when they are old enough.

They are about 5-6 weeks old now.

After Aubrey and Carter show and sell 5 chickens each, they hope to have a successful egg business.  We have about 48 or 49 chicks now.  We started with 52, we know 2 died, not sure about the other 1 or 2.  It is SO hard to count them! 


Melanie said...

The coop looks great! We have been working on a coop too....The chickens are growing like weeds...aren't they? We had to double the brooder box we had them in. We need some rain free days to work on the other two sides of our coop....We have the left and right side complete..It's amazing the smell 13 birds can know what I'm saying?:)

mary leigh said...

tell aubree and carter we won't buy chickens but i will buy eggs, let me know when they have some!!!!